In collaboration with our Partners at Member Intelligence Group, this module will provide staff with secure access to summary reports, detailed data and actionable takeaways from your Credit Union’s member surveys conducted by Member Intelligence Group. You can select which employee groups should have access to this data.

Member Intelligence Group offers the following surveys:

Member Engagement Survey

Their cornerstone survey, the Member Engagement Survey measures attitudinal and behavioral loyalty to provide actionable data to inform strategic decision making. Think of your old Member Satisfaction Survey and then throw it out the window, because this is so much more than that.

Member Experience Loop Surveys

Transactional surveys provide immediate feedback from members on the quality and effectiveness of everyday interactions with your employees and delivery channels.

New Account Surveys

Every new membership, deposit and loan account is surveyed to measure how well your credit union fulfilled its service promise – according to the member.

Closed Account Surveys

Members close their accounts every day.  Many times they are willing to share why they ended their relationship with your credit union. Have you bothered to ask?

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